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Traffic accident with property damage

The settlement of traffic accidents takes up a large part of Mr. Grüne’s field of activity. In the overview of the settlement practice of the most diverse liability insurances obtained in such a way it shows up that many insurance companies approach in the meantime extremely aggressively the accident victims, in order to minimize financially the payment of damages to which they are entitled as far as possible.

This begins with you, the accident victim, being approached by telephone or in writing in order to persuade you to have repairs carried out at a “partner workshop”, for example disguised as “Damage Service Plus”. It should be suggested to you that you will receive an “extra” service when you make use of it, for example by being provided with a rental car. However, you are entitled to this anyway and are not dependent on an insurance company’s concession. On the contrary – the “partner workshops” receive far less money for the repair on your vehicle than for the repair of a ‘normal’ accident damage, which you would have commissioned without the involvement of the insurance – this should make you think! Thus, the opposing insurance company is not interested in providing a service to you as the injured party, but solely in enforcing its own financial interests. However, as the injured party, you have the right to freely choose the repair shop to which you would like to entrust your vehicle.

The same applies to any “recommendations” by trained call center employees not to hire a lawyer in the first place, since everything is paid for after all. This is intended to thwart your right to competent legal advice and the full enforcement of the claims to which you are entitled.

So do not hesitate to mandate us immediately in case of a suffered traffic accident and hand over the claim settlement to us. The fees and expenses incurred by us are regularly borne by the tortfeasor! Otherwise, you leave yourself unprotected to the financial interests of the opposing liability insurance company, which is far superior to you as a legal layman with its highly specialized claims departments.

If you have taken out a legal protection insurance policy with a deductible, this deductible will no longer apply if you only pay a proportion of the legal costs due to the so-called quota prerogative, so that there is then no possible financial risk from hiring a lawyer.

Traffic accident with personal injury

Injuries after traffic accidents result in temporary pain at best, but at worst they change your entire life.

In both cases we help you to enforce your claims, for example

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Household damage
  • Increased needs
  • Own contribution or deductible in health insurance
  • Loss of earnings


So make an appointment for a meeting as soon as possible, we will be happy to advise and represent you.

Mr. Grüne is a specialist in traffic law and a member of the DAV traffic law working group.

Specialist lawyer for traffic law

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Specialist lawyer for traffic law
Member of the Working Group Traffic Law in the DAV

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