Specialist lawyer for traffic law

Special knowledge, proven qualification: the specialist lawyer

Anyone who can demonstrate special knowledge and experience in a particular area of law is entitled to use a specialist attorney title in Germany.

The requirements necessary for the acquisition of the title of specialist lawyer are specified in the Specialist Lawyer Regulations (FAO).

As a general rule, in order to obtain the title of specialist attorney, an attorney must have been admitted and practiced for three years within the six years preceding the filing of the application. In addition, special practical experience must be demonstrated by working on cases in the field in person and without direction. European lawyers can also apply for the award of the title of specialist lawyer – if they are a member of a German bar association and have been established in Germany for at least three years and have been incorporated under the conditions of § 11Att..

With regard to the professional requirements, special theoretical knowledge must be demonstrated in order to be awarded the title of specialist attorney. These must considerably exceed the knowledge in the field usually imparted by professional training and must include the constitutional and European law aspects of the field. As a rule, proof is provided by successfully completing a lawyer-specific specialist lawyer course, which follows defined requirements such as completing at least 120 hours of time and writing at least three supervisory papers.

Source: Federal Bar Association


The specialist lawyer course of Mr. Günter Grüne included:

  • Traffic contract law, 1 KE (course unit) of 10 time hours
  • Traffic liability law, 3 KE at 25 time hours
  • Peculiarities of proceedings and litigation in traffic law, 1 KE of 10 time hours.
  • Traffic penal and administrative offences law, 2 KE of 25 time hours
  • Law of the driver’s license, 1 KE to 5 time hours
  • Expert evidence in traffic law, 2 KE of 25 time hours
  • Insurance law, in particular the law of motor vehicle insurance, comprehensive insurance and basic features of personal insurance, 2 KE at 20 time hours.
Lawyer and specialist for traffic law Günter Grüne in Schweinfurt

Günter Grüne
Lawyer | Partner

Specialist lawyer for traffic law
Member of the Working Group Traffic Law in the DAV

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