Self-inflicted accident during the probationary period – possible consequences

If a traffic accident without personal injury is caused by a novice driver during the probationary period, a fine is usually imposed. Then it has to be checked exactly whether it is a so-called A- or a B-violation.

If there is an “A” offense and it is entered as such in the FAER (driving aptitude register), a cost-intensive refresher course must be ordered even for a first offense of this kind, and the probationary period is extended to four years.

In the case of A violations, according to. Annex 12 FeV, for example, to violations of the provisions of the StVO concerning

  • the right of way
  • turning, turning around and reversing
  • Behavior at changeable light signs, permanent light signs and sign 206 (Stop! Give way!) as well as at stop signs of police officers

Special caution is then necessary in order not to let a “simple” penalty notice result in an extension of the probationary period as well as a follow-up seminar. If it is an A offense, everything must then be done to prevent such a registration.

We were able to achieve this, for example, most recently when a 17-year-old female scooter driver was charged with a right-of-way violation. In the end, the judge could be convinced that it was an exceptional situation and that the client had already been sufficiently made aware of the error through her own injuries and damage to the scooter.

Ultimately, the proceedings were discontinued without a fine, so that no entry was made in the FAER and the consequences described above did not occur despite a formal A violation.

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