Traffic administration law / driving license law

Traffic administration law is primarily about your driver’s license. Classic cases are the withdrawal of the driving license or the ordering of an MPU or a medical certificate, if the driving license authority comes to the following conclusions, for example:

  • Drunk driving
  • Driving under the influence of narcotics
  • Regular marijuana/cannabis use
  • Consumption of “hard” drugs
  • Diseases such as ADHD, diabetes or heart disease
  • Limitation of vision or hearing or other physical limitations
  • Reaching the point limit
  • Traffic offenses such as coercion or extreme speeding

However, there are strict limits to what the authorities can do here. Your involvement should also be extremely deliberate. In addition, in extreme cases, you may also be banned from driving unlicensed vehicles or your vehicle may be impounded.

Another major point of contention is driver’s licenses acquired in other EU countries, which as a rule must be recognized by the German authorities, but are often (unjustifiably) met with great suspicion – the keyword being driver’s license tourism. But there are indeed pitfalls to be aware of here as well.

The ordering of a driving record also falls under this subject area.

Are you affected by a driver licensing authority action or have concerns that any of the above may apply to you?

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