Social law

Illness, disability, unemployment, old age, incapacity to work, accidents and the need for long-term care trigger a large number of benefit claims against the solidarity community. At the same time, there are close interrelationships with other areas of law such as labor and family law.

As attorneys, we have an overview of the complex issues of social law and can thus specifically represent your interests vis-à-vis public institutions.

We advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • statutory health insurance
  • statutory pension insurance
  • statutory accident insurance
  • social care insurance
  • Law of employment promotion
  • Disability law
  • BAföG
  • Company pensions

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin im Sozialrecht

Attorney at law Anita Strumpe Novikov from Schweinfurt

Anita Strumpe-Novikov
Employee Lawyer

Family Law | Social Law | Traffic Law
Member of the Working Group on Family Law in the DAV

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