Purchase and work contract law

The purchase contract and the contract for work and services are the most common types of contract in everyday life. Whether defects in the purchased vehicle, problems with the workshop or botched construction, we stand up for your rights.

Both areas of law often involve delayed or deficient performance. Here, a deficiency can manifest itself in many ways. These can be, for example, technical deficits, limitations in usability or even legal obstacles. The spectrum is broad and the legal classification sometimes difficult; for example, not every technical defect can be equated with a legal defect that triggers warranty rights.

However, there can also be disagreement on the supposedly simple questions of what has been contractually agreed or whether a contract has already been concluded at all.

We will gladly take care of for you e.g.:

  • Vehicle purchase or sale
  • Workshop order
  • Building defects or structural damage
  • Warranty
  • Warranty
  • Consequential damage

Your contact in the law of sales and contracts for work and services

Lawyer Sören Stüber from Schweinfurt

Sören Stüber
Lawyer | Partner

Labor law | Family law | Sales law, law of contracts for work and services
Member of the Working Group on Labor Law in the DAV

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