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Are you looking for a competent lawyer for labor law in Schweinfurt? We advise and represent employees, works councils and employers in individual and collective employment law.

Practical and quick solutions are often crucial in employment law. A lawyer must not only have legal competence and experience, but also a pragmatic vision and negotiating skills. Our law firm offers you these qualities and is at your disposal for comprehensive and individual advice.

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Your lawyer for labor law in Schweinfurt – RA Sören Stüber

Fields of activity in labor law

Both employees and employers usually want a harmonious and smooth workflow. However, when conflicts arise in the workplace, things get particularly tricky. Sometimes the livelihood or the entire working atmosphere can be affected and the question of “What now?” arises.

In order to make effective use of legal options, early and skillful tactical action is essential. Whether openly or in the background, we represent your interests for the best possible results and solutions.

Representation in individual and collective labor law

Basically, labor law distinguishes between two areas. Individual labor law and collective labor law. Individual employment law regulates the relationship between employer and employee. Collective labor law is concerned with the rights and obligations of the workforce as a whole, for example in the case of works councils or collective bargaining parties.

Our clients include employees and employers, as well as employee associations. Thus, we know the interests of all sides and can use this experience in your representation.

Our consulting and representation services in labor law

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, especially employment contracts.
  • Advice on the preparation of a termination.
  • Closure of operations or change in operations.
  • Examination and drafting of warning letters.
  • Examination of the effectiveness of a termination.
  • Advice and representation in actions for protection against dismissal.
  • Negotiation of severance pay.
  • Representation and advice on wage and salary issues.
  • Vacation entitlements and vacation compensation claims.
  • Drafting or reviewing termination agreements.
  • Questions around certificate issuance.
  • Illness in the employment relationship.
  • Maternity and parental leave.
  • Special protection against dismissal, such as for people with disabilities.
  • Assertion and verification of special payments.
  • Examination of competition clauses.
  • Claims for damages arising from the employment relationship.
  • Advice on issues related to works council activities.
  • Examination or design of fixed-term employment.
  • Review of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Support for reintegration (BEM).
  • Advice on occupational health and safety.
  • Advice in connection with bogus self-employment.

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