Günter Grüne, Attorney at Law

Partner of Grüne & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

  • Born in Schweinfurt, Germany, general university entrance qualification there
  • Law studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
    Degree: First State Examination in Law, Diplom-Jurist Univ.
  • Legal clerkship at the district court of Schweinfurt
    Degree: Second State Examination in Law, Assessor Jur.
  • Stations:
    • Schweinfurt District Court
    • Schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office
    • Schweinfurt District Office
    • Lawyer Norman Jacob, Würzburg
    • Schaeffler AG, Schweinfurt, Legal Department
    • OLG Bamberg, Civil Senate
  • Admitted to the bar by the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice
  • Award of the title of specialist lawyer for traffic law (Applicable legal regulations: Federal Lawyers’ Act – BRAO, Specialist Lawyers’ Act – FAO. Can be viewed, for example, at: www.brak.de).

Since starting his practice as a lawyer, the main focus of attorney Günter Grüne’s activities has been in the field of road traffic law in the broadest sense.

Attorney Günter Grüne is a specialist attorney for traffic law and a member of the traffic law working group of the German Bar Association.

Training events

  • Traffic law / insurance law, speaker lawyer Joachim Otting; 29.10.2022.
  • Verkehrsrecht aktuell, speakers VorsRiLG Fenner and Dr. Exner, focus on current case law of the Schweinfurt Regional Court, Sept. 16, 2022.
  • The settlement of vehicle damage – liability and comprehensive insurance, speaker attorney Joachim Otting, focus on depreciation, damage settlement for leasing and financing; 16.10.2021.
  • Defense in administrative offenses from a lawyer’s and judge’s point of view, speakers specialist lawyer for criminal law and traffic law Christian Janeczek, RiAG Dr. Benjamin Krenberger, focus on defense in administrative proceedings, possibilities of action up to the oral hearing, the lawyer from the judge’s point of view, defense in the main hearing; 17.07.2021.
  • Defense in the case of unauthorized departure from the scene of an accident, speaker attorney Leif Hermann Kroll, focus on strategies in the case of provisional revocation of the driver’s license noticeability of collisions and proof of intent, identification of the perpetrator, rights of the accused, law on requests for evidence; 03.11.2020.
  • The settlement of vehicle damage, speaker attorney Joachim Otting, focus on concrete and fictitious settlement, rental car costs, compensation for loss of use, residual value offer; 26.09.2020.
  • Traffic/insurance law – The settlement of vehicle damage, speaker attorney Joachim Otting, focus on residual value determination, fictitious settlement; 19.10.2019.
  • Defense with a view to consequences under traffic administration law, speaker specialist lawyer for criminal law and traffic law Gesine Reisert, focus on evidence collection and evidence use (prohibitions), basics of the driving suitability register, issuance and revocation of the driver’s license, alcohol and drugs, illness, legal remedies, procedural tactics and psychology of the procedure; 20.09.2019.
  • Fit in the 1. and 2nd instance, Speakers Ri’inOLG Christine Haumer, VorsRiLG Hubert Fleindl; 15.03.2019.
  • Interrogation theory and interrogation tactics, speaker RiOLG a. D. Axel Wendler; 26.10.2018.
  • Litigation settlement, the settlement in contentious proceedings, speakers Ri’inOLG Christine Haumer, VorsRiLG Hubert Fleindl; 20.04.2018.
  • Data and software in the everyday life of law firms, speaker RA Michael Grupp, focus on the General Data Protection Regulation and professional law, beA, data protection in the cloud; 13.04.2018.
  • Specialized course for traffic law, 120 hours, topics traffic contract law, traffic liability law, peculiarities of proceedings and litigation in traffic law, traffic criminal law and law of administrative offenses, law of driving licenses, expert evidence in traffic law, insurance law, in particular the law of motor vehicle insurance, comprehensive insurance and basic features of personal insurance; April 20, 2016 to September 24, 2017.
  • Jurisprudence of the Regional Court of Schweinfurt on vehicle damage, speaker RiLG Thomas Fenner, focal points including rental car costs, repair costs, expert costs; 12.05.2017.
  • Speaker at the event Recht im Vertiefungsbereich Gefährdetenhilfe/Resozialisierung at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, focus on arrest warrant; 20.04.2017.
  • Current case law of the Federal Court of Justice in criminal cases, speaker RiBGH (ret.) Holger Rothfuß; 18.11.2016.
  • 1. Traffic Law Symposium, Speakers VRiLG Frank Pardey, Ri’inBGH Dr. Annette Brockmöller, VorsRiOLG Dr. Hans-Joseph Stolten, Prof. Dr. Jan Zopfs, Focal points Perspectives on household damage, The theft of vehicles and parts in comprehensive insurance, Current issues in the field of civil traffic law, Hit-and-run accidents – dealing with unsuitable drivers and undefined legal terms; 15.10.2016.
  • How do I use the expert and his expert opinion correctly in OWi proceedings, speaker Dr. Matthias Grün, VUT Sachverständigen GmbH & Co. KG, 11.06.2016.
  • Current case law from traffic criminal law and the law of administrative offenses, personal injury law , speakers RA Dr. Uwe Wirsching, Dr. Martin Zwickel, focus on, among other things, news from the legislature, current case law (parallel enforcement of several driving bans, decisions of the ECJ on driving license tourism and MPU without German residence, always MPU after criminal court revocation, DashCams); 23.02.2016.
  • Litigation tactics in civil traffic litigation, Speakers Specialist lawyer for traffic law and insurance law Jörg Elsner, specialist lawyer for traffic law Andy Ziegenhardt, focus among others on tactical behavior towards the insurer in case of out-of-court settlement, procedural tactical considerations for motions to sue, enforcement methods in court, tactical considerations in case of appeal, liability process from the perspective of the injured party and from that of the insurer; 21.11.2015.
  • Advanced training event from the traffic law, speaker
    Dipl.-Ing. Volker Fürbeth
    among others, topics among others perceptibility of small collisions in modern passenger cars, news from traffic measurement technology, opening techniques and manipulation techniques of vehicles, DashCam, 3-D laser scanning in accident analysis; 29.10.2015.
  • Social security and traps in the settlement of personal injury claims, speakers specialist lawyer for traffic law and insurance law Dr. Michael Burmann, lawyer and authorized signatory of LVM Versicherung Jürgen Jahnke, focus on, among other things, claims settlement in personal injury cases, statutory accident insurance, settlement; 30.05.2015.
  • Current case law from the traffic criminal and administrative offense law, speaker RA Dr. Uwe Wirsching, emphasis among other things new from the legislator (new breath alcohol measuring device, distance and speed measurement VAG digital, incorrect point evaluation in the fine notice), current case law (MPU with re-granting of the driving license after criminal court withdrawal, Dashcams – admissibility and usability); 24.02.2015.
  • Fahrerlaubnis aktuell II, Speaker Ewald Ternig, Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Hahn, Focus: Alcohol and drug problems, foreign driving license; 14.11.2014.
  • Fahrerlaubnis aktuell I, speaker Ewald Ternig, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Hahn, main focus: Driving suitability system, revocation of driving license, probationary driving license; 07.11.2014.
  • Successful defense in traffic law OWi proceedings, speaker RiOLG Dr. Georg Gieg, focus among other things the driving ban under fine law, basics of the appeal and appeal procedure; 18.07.2014.
  • Verständigung im Strafverfahren, Referenten VorsRiOLG Peter Noll, OStA Frank Gosselke, RA Thomas Drehsen, Schwerpunkte u. a. rechtliche Grundlagen unter Berücksichtigung der Rechtsprechung des BGH und Risiken einer Verständigung, Probleme aus Sicht der Staatsanwaltschaft und der Verteidigung; 12.05.2014.
  • Current case law from the traffic criminal and administrative offense law, speaker RA Dr. Uwe Wirsching, emphasis among other things new from the legislator (change license plate StVO, fine catalog, VZR/FAER, point system, FeV), current case law (validity of foreign driving licenses in Germany, usability of speed measurements with technically not testable procedures); 21.01.2014.
  • Case law overview in traffic civil law, speaker RiLG Dr. Jens Rogler, focus among others on “concurrent” damage items in accident damage, e.g. expert costs, loss of use, travel costs, visit costs; “genuine” ancillary claims, e.g. pre-court attorney’s fees, interest; 04.12.2013.
  • Jurisprudence overview in civil traffic law, speaker RiLG Dr. Jens Rogler, focus on e.g. prima facie evidence – basics and practical significance, liability in passenger accidents in passenger transport – typical case constellations: Fall when starting, boarding, etc.; 27.11.2013.
  • Advanced training event from the traffic law, speaker
    Dipl.-Ing. Volker Fürbeth
    , topics including the new driver assistance systems, news from traffic measurement technology, interesting facts about “tires” and traffic surface cleaning; 10.10.2013.
  • Legal protection insurance in traffic law, lecturer RA Dr. Klaus Schneider, focus on duties and rights in the legal protection insurance mandate, typical exclusions in traffic law, scope of benefits in foreign cases, time of the insured event in the case of FE withdrawal due to 18-point limit; 21.09.2013.

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