StVO amendment 2020 – changes for trucks

Since 28.04.2020, the far-reaching changes to the StVO regarding fines and warnings also apply to larger vehicles, such as trucks. In some cases, these were significantly increased or even doubled. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of only the most relevant changes.

On speeding:

Lfd. No. Overrun
in km/h
Standard rate in euro
When inspection
Driving ban in months
When inspection
within outside within outside
built-up areas built-up areas
11.1.3 up to 15 for more than 5 minutes duration or in more than two cases after the start of the journey 80 70
11.1.4 16 – 20 80 70
11.1.5 21 – 25 95 80 1 month
11.1.6 26 – 30 140 95 1 month 1 month
11.1.7 31 – 40 200 160 1 month 1 month
11.1.8 41 – 50 280 240 2 months 1 month
11.1.9 51 – 60 480 440 3 months 2 months
11.1.10 over 60 680 600 3 months 3 months

There was no change in the points entry in this case. As before, 1 point is the rule, from an excess of 26 km/h in the city or 31 km/h outside the city, two points are entered.

For right-turning motor vehicles over 3.5 t, walking speed (4 to 7, max. 11 km/h) was prescribed in built-up areas, ostensibly for reasons of traffic safety. Violations can be sanctioned with a fine of €70 in the future. In addition, a point will be entered in the driving suitability register. However, we do not understand how such speeding violations are to be measured and thus punished. Incidentally, in the future a ban on overtaking single-lane vehicles can be ordered, which of course then also prohibits the overtaking of multi-lane vehicles.

In addition, the failure to form an emergency lane is punished with a fine of 200 € or its use with 240 € and a ban of one month and two points in the FAER. Obstruction, endangerment or damage to property will increase the fine in each case.

Also, stopping in the second row is punishable by a fine of €55, and even €70 in case of obstruction. In the case of violations involving obstruction, endangerment, or damage to property, the driver will also have one point entered in the driver’s fitness to drive record. The same fines apply to parking on sidewalks and bike paths (€55 and €70, respectively, and one point for obstruction). In addition, to protect cyclists, the new StVO introduces a general ban on stopping in protective lanes that separate bicycle and car traffic. Here, too, there is the threat of substantial fines.

Previously, the Highway Code only required a “sufficient distance” for overtaking bicyclists, pedestrians and very small electric vehicles. This imprecise wording is now clearly regulated by the new StVO: In the future, a lateral distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained when overtaking outside built-up areas, and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters within built-up areas.

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