Fines with driving ban – discontinued due to statute of limitations

Fines with a driving ban are always annoying and usually result in a major change in everyday habits and routines – but can also lead to an economic threat to your existence under certain circumstances.

Here in particular, it is then necessary to check the procedure closely and intervene in the event of errors. For example, the relatively short period of the statute of limitations for prosecution in the case of traffic offenses must be kept in mind, which repeatedly causes problems for the authorities in the event of delays.

In the case at hand, we were able to ensure that the proceedings conducted against our client before the Linz am Rhein Local Court were dismissed due to the fact that the statute of limitations for prosecution had expired by three days in accordance with the German Civil Code. § Section 206a of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) was discontinued by decision dated January 27, 2020.

As a result, our client does not have to pay the fine stipulated in the penalty notice, nor does he have to serve the standard driving ban.

It is therefore worthwhile, especially if you have legal protection insurance, to take a closer look even in situations that at first glance seem hopeless and to leave the examination to a specialized lawyer.

Decision local court Linz am Rhein

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