Would you have known? Overtaking ban and motorcycles

Problem statement:

Last week I overtook a slower moving motorcyclist. So far so good. 5 minutes later he caught up with me again at a traffic light, drove to the left of my vehicle and got terribly upset because I would have overtaken him in the no passing zone.

What is true is that there was actually a no overtaking sign in front of the section of road. But to whom does the overtaking ban ordered by sign 276 apply?

The text of the law:

StVO Appendix 1 (to § 40 paragraph 6 and 7)

General and special danger signs

Section 7 Speed limits and overtaking bans

53 Character 276

Prohibition of overtaking for motor vehicles of all types

Re 53 and 54: Permit or prohibition

The following signs 276 and 277 prohibit motor vehicles from overtaking multi-track motor vehicles and motorcycles with sidecars. […]


It is important to note in this case that (only) overtaking of “multi-track” motor vehicles and motorcycles with sidecars is prohibited – conversely, overtaking of motorcycles without sidecars is permitted.

However, the other way round – i.e. when overtaking a multi-lane vehicle with a motorcycle – overtaking is prohibited within the area of application of sign 276.

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